Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sympathy for the devil

Craig Smith, co-admin of the Blogging Tories, is promoting a Canadian version of the Nazi Lebensborn program. (Commenter "Cool Blue" heartily approves.)

The organization "Lebensborn e. V." serves the SS leaders in the selection and adoption of qualified children. The organisation "Lebensborn e. V." is under my personal direction, is part of the race and settlement central bureau of the SS, and has the following obligations:

(1) aid for racially and biologically-hereditarily valuable families
(2) the accommodation of racially and biologically-hereditarily valuable mothers in appropriate homes, etc.
(3) care of the children of such families
(4) care of the mothers
It is the honourable duty of all leaders of the central bureau to become members of the organisation "Lebensborn e. V.". The application for admission must be filed prior to 23/9/1936.

Heinrich Himmler: Not Dead Enough.

H/t LuLu

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