Monday, August 25, 2008

Jena Six update

There have been some developments in the case of the Jena Six that I wrote about last year.

The cracker judge, J.P. Mauffray Jr., has at long last been removed from the case, after making prejudicial statements about the accused before they had even been tried before him. But his buddy, District Attorney Reed Walters--the one who had the Black kids charged with conspiracy to commit murder for getting involved in a schoolyard brawl--is appealing the forced recusal.

So far Mychal Bell has been the only one of the Jena Six to be tried. He has served some time, is now on parole, and is going to school. A close relative of his, Baron Pikes, was recently killed by Louisiana cops who Tasered him nine times while in handcuffs--twice while he was unconscious. One cop was fired, but no charges have been laid in the death.

One of the other kids, Jesse Ray Beard, appears to have fallen on his feet, at least for now. Meanwhile, in an encouraging development, a good ol' boy has been sentenced to four months in jail for threatening last year's civil rights marchers. Even in backwoods magnolia country, it seems, the times may be a-changin'.

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