Monday, August 18, 2008

Come on, Globe & Mail--do your work!

I don't hold with the self-important few who imagine that blogging will someday replace the so-called "MSM"--but some days I have to wonder. The Globe & Mail's coverage of the desperate, vindictive "pro-life" campaign against Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin is risibly behind the curve.

For months now, the Morgentaler Order of Canada award has had the same effect on frenzied so-cons as a full moon. First it was "block that award." No dice. Then it was "rescind that award." Nothing doing. Then it was "send back your medals." Not much take-up on that: a whopping eight returns so far, three of them from beyond the grave. Then a tiny handful of demonstrators outside the G-G's house. A petition that nobody cares about. A hilarious "MASSIVE POLL" from a polling firm that sprang up overnight. And now it's "get that judge."

But the Globe is still taking too much on faith, as it were. They aren't asking the questions, they aren't paying attention to those who are, nor to the answers they're getting, and consequently the lifers are enjoying a free ride.
But not in the blogosphere: bloggers Bene Diction, Buckets, JJ and many others blew the gaff on the on-going lifer tantrum weeks ago, and they're continuing to eat those nutbars for breakfast.

Take, for example, the "leader" of the doomed charge of the life brigade, Charles "that's 'Dr.' to you" McVety. Blogger Bene Diction (with help from a bunch of other bloggers and some ethical Baptists) has been on the phony doctorate story for weeks--since June, in fact. But the Globe is still referring to McVety as "Dr."

Now we have this current last-ditch, spiteful attempt to have the Chief Justice removed from the bench, after all else has failed. McLachlin gave an excellent account of herself this past Saturday. But ol' "Doc" McVety is "unimpressed," says the Globe & Mail, deadpan. "We accused her of disregarding the constitution that she is bound to serve," he says. "We" is an alleged 42 organizations that signed a complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council
(follow the link to the text).

The number "42" is likely not a coincidence. Accustomed to fiction as they are, the "right-to-lifers" are obviously familiar with the Book of Revelation and the 42 weeks of tribulation foretold by John the Apostle. Or could the number have been drawn from the divinely-inspired Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? For there it is written that "42" is "the meaning of life, the universe, and everything." Credit where credit's due: judging from her post-title here, JJ has already twigged.

But End Times, it seems, are not yet upon us (is that the gnashing of televangelists' teeth that I hear?). Alas, "42" has shrunk, and shrunk again, and shrunk again, thanks to the sedulous work of blogger Buckets, one of the best damn researchers in the 'sphere. The number as of this writing stands at 28.

So there we have it: a whole slew of Potemkin village false-front organizations signing a complaint submitted by an evangelist with a fake doctorate. Come on, Globe. Is none of this worth a mention? A Stephen Harper favourite speaking in (forked) tongues? Or--a wicked thought--are the professional scribblers on Front Street not even aware of it?

UPDATE: (August 19) A little legal advice
from Christopher Bird for the authors and signatories of the McLachlin complaint. The overused blogword "smackdown" applies perfectly for once. Bet you won't read about this in the Globe either.


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