Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Sound and fury

...but when the smoke cleared and the tumult and the shouting died, the Teabaggers elected all of five Senators (out of 37 races) and 39 Congresspersons (out of 435).

This followed the injection of unimaginably huge sums of cash into their various campaigns (after the Supreme Court had lifted all spending limits), numerous reports of voter intimidation and suppression, and the Rand Paul Stomp

We didn't see the emergence of the Tea Party as a viable political force. They were routed.

Joe Miller--
toast. Witchy Christine O'Donnell--spurned. Sharron Angle has only her Second Amendment remedies left to her. Ken Buck--no cigar.

Take a deep breath, folks. If this is the best that these far-right extremists can do in the ergotized political climate of present-day America, with unlimited financial resources, a lock on talk radio, Faux News, freely available guns, and legions of mouth-breathing columnists, bloghards and Twits, there is hope for the world after all.

I shall sleep soundly tonight.

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