Monday, November 08, 2010

Calgary Social Services: "Anti-racist? We'll take your kids!"

Early this morning, five thugs broke into the home of anti-racist activists Jason and Bonnie Devine. Their four children were asleep upstairs. The goons attacked Jason and another male with hammers and bats.

The Devines are well-known in the area for their anti-Nazi activities, which most recently included leafleting an area where "Aryan Guard" members were known to hang out.

The children were not harmed--no doubt the brave Nazis were unaware that they were upstairs sleeping.

Enter Calgary Social Services.*

Unbelievably, they are threatening to apprehend the Devine children unless the Devines stop their anti-racist activity.

Here is part of the Devines' account:

We have been the victim of a hate crime. We have not broken any laws, committed any crimes,nor acted violently or ever called for violence. Yet today we were compared to gang members and drug dealers by people who say they have our best interests in mind. Social Services came into our home and began an investigation on us, not only about our parenting but on our children's safety. They stated that because of our high level of activity we have placed our children in unnecessary risk and that we should stop before they either see it or are a victim of it.


This was attempted murder, when 3-4 people simultaneously hit you with hammers and bats to your head and body this is not with the intention of leaving you as function [sic] person but dead. Now we are not allowed to bring our children home,our family who has our children has been advised that if we attempt to leave with our children they are to be notified. We are now living in terror that our children will be apprehended while at school and it was implied that only if we stop being active and follow everything they deem safe that our children may be returned to us, and I stress maybe as they did.

The very issue is that whether we stop now or not we will be forever targeted by Neo-nazi groups and members. They have pictures of not only us, but our children which they took while we were shopping at our local co-op grocery 4 weeks ago. We will be targets for the rest of our lives. We call to the public, family and friends to put pressure on making the Police find the true criminals in this matter and stop social services and others from dividing and separating our family and causing us further torment.

Words fail. Apparently the Devines, by engaging in anti-racist work, have been "asking for it." When they are attacked, Calgary Social Services steps in to blame them, rather than the bums who assaulted them. Perhaps--I wouldn't be surprised--they also go after the children of rape victims, threatening to apprehend the kids if their mothers insist on wearing "provocative clothing."

No wonder Calgary is the "hate capital of Canada." In what other Canadian city will Social Services line up with neo-Nazis to punish anti-racist activity?

[H/t Anti-Racist Canada]

ADDENDUM: No doubt the Free Dominion conservatives think Devine and his friend attacked themselves. There's never been any doubt, after all, where their sympathies lie.

UPDATE: (November 10) Dr.Dawg, with unprecedented traffic thanks to this post, gets results! Welcome back, kids.

*Some readers object to this shorthand. The full name of the agency is the Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Authority (CFSA). It comes under the purview of Alberta's Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

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