Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Free Mark Steyn (for those with tickets)

To sum up a confusing few days in London, Ontario:
  • Celebrated amateur demographer [demagogue, shurely? Ed.] Mark Steyn was invited to speak at the London Convention Centre by the conservative group Strictly Right. He was dis-invited by the managers of the place, who cited "security concerns." This undoubtedly delighted the aforesaid Strictly Right, who had now gained some unexpected free publicity.

  • The Usual Suspects, not excluding Steyn himself, went into a predictable tizzy, said tizzy being fed by unsubstantiated rumours that Islamist Hordes™ had lobbied for the man's exclusion from the LCC. The quick-witted Big City Lib soon put the lie to those claims.

  • The speaking engagement was moved to a different venue, the Centennial Centre--also run, as it happens, by the City of London.

  • Muslims and their leftist handmaidens somehow failed to materialize.

  • 900 pre-approved people, mostly geezers, attended. But a neo-Nazi was denied entry. The organizers cited "security concerns." Steyn proceeded to speak and sing about Islam and free expression.

  • It is not known at this time if he tap-danced as well. But on the free speech issue, his fans could give him lessons.
[H/t ARC, via BCL]

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