Sunday, November 14, 2010

Echo sucks

Those bloggers who signed on to the JS-Kit commenting system and were frogmarched into Echo are discovering what it's like to be over a barrel and righteously hosed.

When Echo took over, we had to pay $10US for the coming year, after enjoying a previously free service. Now we're being notified that the cost has gone up--by 1200%. We will now be charged $10US per month. Presumably if we fail to pay, our comments will be disappeared.

So I knuckled under. My renewal date is December 14. But just as I was about to hit the "pay" button, I noticed that the li'l darlings were starting the clock at November 14. So I guess I'll renew in a month's time.

Or is it possible to get off this runaway train?

1 comment:

levi9909 said...

good luck with the migrate. we at Jews sans frontieres are making the same move but our customisations are making it difficult.