Thursday, November 04, 2010

More right-wing stupidity

Check out the photo, and then the oh-so-manly commentary here. Dear readers, when you flinch, do you move towards whatever it is you are flinching from?

Spectator Obama is obviously "in the action." Only a brain-dead conservative blogger (apologies for the tautology) could imagine otherwise.

Needless to say, the Blogging Champion of Delisle and her scabrous commenters are all over this one.


Niles said...

Re: 'unmanliness'. I guess the Usual Suspectswould have preferred Obama leaping in with a manly boot to the head of the thrower (or maybe the throwee, depending on the authoritarianurgeto pileon the beaten). Oddly, all the martialists I know have all sorts of twitches when watching other matches, especiallysport ones, unless they are Very SeriousSenior Masters. They grimace, they smile, they sympathy wince, they unconsciously pull their bodies in different directions as they distance react to the action. Do we need to refer to the reflex action of every male in the worldwitnessing a solid groin shot during any sports action?

Still shots ofsports action and its witnesses,especially whentaken from a series of still shots of someone in motion, canmake the subjects lookVERY 'unmanly'. Heck, official martial grappleslook very 'unmanly'. Interpretation of those selected angles and moments in time? The devotion of some very, very Anxious sexualties

Peter 1 said...

I see it's a slow news day in the blogosphere. Ah well, I guess we've allgotta find something to keep that righteous rage finely tuned.

Pete Ridley said...


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Scott H. Payne said...

That's cuz yer not a real 'murican

Anonymous said...

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