Friday, November 05, 2010

Hassan Diab: next stop on the railroad?

Hassan Diab's formal extradition hearing begins on Monday.

I have blogged about this shameful case before. Diab, accused of bombing a synagogue in France three decades ago, is up against a prosecutor who has successfully entered suspect new handwriting "evidence" as his case fell apart, and who opposed Diab's right to defend himself against it. He also faces a clearly partial judge who allowed that evidence in, who has permitted delay after unreasonable delay in the process, and has refused to ease Diab's onerous and costly bail conditions.

Diab's lawyer is fed up with this unCanadian way of doing things, and has filed a lengthy factum alleging abuse of process. Highlights may be found here. Take the time to read the document.

We shall see what happens on Monday with this application to toss the case. I hope I shall be forgiven for being pessimistic as the mills of the state grind on, crushing ever more Canadians with funny names.

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