Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Youtube - the good and the bad!

I have so much work on my desk I didn't know where to start, so I made an executive decision and took a quick look at what was happening on the climate front these days. I see that Jay has linked to an interesting video in youtube (no, I am not going to link to it since in my opinion it is so bad - you can see it over at Jay's). There are so many problems with it that it would be hard to begin. Things like flipping back and forth between the Antarctic ice cores and the Greenland ice cores depending on what they want to show; trying to pass off a rise in the Greenland ice core as the hockey stick when it isn't, trying to pass off Greenland ice core temps as global temps, a possible problem with their firn ice method, and a number of others. But what I found interesting is to look at the time on the data. I have reproduced the first graphic below (apologies for the poor quality, but that is what it is like on Youtube).
Note that it ends at 1900. We all know that temperatures have been going up recently so I was curious about what it would look like if we took global temperatures and extended the temperature line to show recent temperatures in the context of their graph (and yes, to cover myself I have had to make some assumptions to match up the different data sets). The result below is instructive.

If anyone is interested I can do it for the other graphs that are shown, but you get the idea. The change they say is so small so as to not be noticeable is actually quite significant if you look at all the data.

That was the bad side of Youtube, but there are good things to be found as well. Recently there was a debate that featured (along with others) Andy Dessler and Richard Lindzen. Richard is generally considered the most scientific literate skeptic and Andy is one of the more outspoken scientists involved in climate change (outspoken in a scientific sense). While it is almost 2 hours long, it is interesting. In layman's terms, I think that Dr. Dessler smoked Dr. Lindzen. If you see things differently let me know in comments.

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