Sunday, October 10, 2010

Empire : What future for 'Greater Israel' ?

Part one of a discussion on the deadlocked peace process between Israel and Palestine, the politics behind the expanded settlements, the diminishing likelihood of a two-state solution, and more with Avraham Burg, former head of the Israeli parliament and former chairman of the World Zionist Organization; Avi Schlaim, Prof of International Relations at Oxford; and Ian Black, Mid East editor for The Guardian.

Think you can predict the positions taken by the former chairman of the World Zionist Organization? Bet you can't.

"What we do in the occupied territories is a simple pure colonialism.

When will public opinion in Israel be ripe for dismantling the settlers' militia? The way to do it and to support any prime minister to go for it ... it will happen when Israelis feel they have something to lose and they are not ready to sacrifice their future and the future of their children for a tiny messianic eschatological minority."

Part Two follows.

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