Thursday, October 07, 2010

The New Soup Nazis

Hey, kids - remember when conservatism used to be about support for business?

From a commerce angle it makes perfect sense money doesn't have a morality beyong [sic] what is profitable. The association with the Muslim Brotherhood will hurt campbell's [sic] however.

-Blazing Cat Fur

Remember when conservatives used to believe in the market - you know, offering products when there's a demand for them?

Have you ever seen Campbell products made especially in the Jewish tradition, or in the Chinese tradition or in the Indian tradition? Anybody.... anything? Help me out here.... are there any products out there with a special theme catering to a certain segment of the population by and large ??? Why the heck is every Tom, Dick and Harry falling over themselves and bending double to please the moslems. Are they currying favors in the false hope that their heads will be the last to be chopped off? I simply don't get it.

- Maria (Dodo) Nunes

Remember when they used to accuse the Left of insane conspiracy theories and anti-corporate paranoia?

ISNA has admitted ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. So why is Campbell's Soup rushing to do its bidding? "M-M-Muslim Brotherhood Good?," from Scaramouche, October 5 (thanks to Kathy Shaidle):

Campbell's Soup Canada is about to go halal.

No biggie, right? Wrong. It is doing so under the auspices of the Islamic Society of North America, a Wahhabi-funded racket that is said to have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood....


Do you remember when conservatives would actually have been ashamed to associate themselves with that kind of hate-riddled, delusional raving?

No, me neither.

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beluga2 said...

One time, due to an apparent check-out clerk error, I was at home unloading my groceries and discovered amongst them a jar of kosher pickles I had neither selected nor paid for. Were I as gibberingly deranged and paranoiac as BlazingCatFur et al, I would immediately have concluded that the clerk, the store, the entire Safeway chain, nay, the entire Canadian food distribution system, were in fact all Likudnik, anti-Muslim, pro-settlement fanatics entirely in the thrall of Benjamin Netanyahu and Rabbi Meir Kahane.

Being, instead, sane, I shrugged, put the pickles in my fridge and later ate them.

They were delicious, BTW. :)

JJ said...

It is SAID... I BELIEVE... some folks THINK... *DONT_KNOW*

As LBJ famously said, who cares if it's not true, let'smake the bastard(s) deny it.