Friday, October 22, 2010

What's better than a speech by Steyn or Coulter?

A cancelled speech by Steyn or Coulter.

I hasten to add that I mean, from the
conservative agitprop perspective. For the record, I have no difficulty with either of them speaking, so long as they abide by Canadian law. But the coverage these characters get expands exponentially if they are "forced" to abort their missions.

Meanwhile, over at Jay Currie's, the hypocrisy of the Speech Warriors™ is once again exposed. When Coulter and Steyn are allegedly prevented from speaking, that's a free speech issue. When George Galloway and Zijad Delic are actually prevented from speaking, that somehow isn't. Just add the latter to the bulging file of
Speech Warrior™ "except fors."

(PS: Jay's claim that I am denying that the Great London Outrage has anything to do with free speech is, not to put too fine a point upon it, an utter falsehood. On its face, we indeed have here a matter of free speech. But follow the links in my first sentence and decide for yourselves if, perhaps, there's somewhat more to all this.)

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Dr.Dawg said...

I think it was dumb, too, and that it had nothing to do with Muslim lobbying. The timeline rules the latter out.

More likely, it seems that the unrelenting campaign by the far Right to portray Muslims as a collection of murderous fanatics is starting to pay dividends. The credulous are buying it, and panicking.

The Right wins, regardless. If a speech isn't cancelled, they can pull the plug themselves (as in the case of Coulter); if it is, they reap the same reward. And their Islamophobia snowballs into the mainstream population.

This time, it appears that the organizers have been telling a few porkies. But, by denying Steyn a venue, the LCC bears some responsibility for giving credibility to the endless stream of bigotry and prejudice emanating from that quarter.