Saturday, October 23, 2010

He'll never be missed

Larry O'Brien is the Mayor of Ottawa for two more days. That's two days too many.

O'Brien is a vulgar, classless swaggerer, an uncultured nouveau riche who has demeaned his office for nearly four years.

We all know his track record--comparing homeless people to pigeons, making fantastic promises about city taxes, playing the alpha male with the bus drivers with catastrophic results, costing the ratepayers a fortune by scrapping light rail.

More recently, true to his boorish nature, he has revealed a schoolboy sexism that must be embarrassing even to some of his ditto-heads. His rival Jim Watson, who is just about to bury him alive, is a "little old lady" who "whine[s] like a little girl," says the doomed macho man. I guess we'll see just who's whining on Monday night.

I cannot express how much I'm look forward to the next few years without having to see O'Brien's vacuous, smirking mug in the local papers. Good riddance to bad rubbish, to coin a phrase: maybe we've finally found a use for those green bins after all.

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