Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Speech Warrior™ defines "degeneracy" [updated]

Commenter Hal at Jay Currie's place:


For years [Charles] Johnson [of
Little Green Footballs] was steadfast against Jihadism. And a hero to the right-wing. But he is an honourable man and he refuses to tolerate racists, neo-Nazis or conspiracy-mongers. Now that the radical right have launched their crusade against Obama and Johnson has refused to follow, they are mightily miffed. Here’s what one commenter reminded them:

Charles has done more for the cause of freedom and Conservatism than any one else on the blogosphere. Again, I don’t mind you having disagreements with him. It’s your business not mine but putting his blog name next to those terrorists in that category is shameful and an insult to anyone’s intelligence.

Speech Warrior™ Arnie Lemaire [better known as Mr. Kathy Shaidle, or "Blazing Cat Fur"]:

Yes Hal pity he has degenerated to such an extent.

[Emphases mine: no other comment necessary. --DD]

UPDATE: (September 17) Kateland has just brought this to my attention. Good grief, when his mask slips, it sure keeps slipping.

It is time," says Arnie, "for the CJC to show the same tolerance for Christianity that has been shown for Jewish prayer by our Gentile homeland."

Some time ago blogger "shlemazl" posted a little piece asking rhetorically what the difference is between the neo-Nazis and myself. But I have a real, if similar question. What's the difference between the statement just quoted and something you can find any day of the week on Stormfront?

UPPERDATE: Just as well I took a screenshot. Arnie has now put
in italics the words from Ezra Levant that it turns out he was quoting. And he fixed a dysfunctional link at "Gentile homeland" to the putrid article by Ezra, whose faux-Judenhass vocabulary ("No Joy in Jewville," "Official Jews," etc.) has provided a fine on-going alibi for genuine anti-Semites.

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