Monday, September 14, 2009

Jump Back Jack

What to do while the Librocons are dancing?

Keep your own counsel. Be principled. Relax.

For three years, the merry little jigger on the right has been able to count on many supporters to keep him from falling, as the photo indicates.
(The capering fellow to the left replaced another little person who got Shifted.)

Their dances are sprightly and sharp and cool, but one move says it all. Jump Back Jack @1:08:

Look, whether it's one little man or the other, the same party wins. Don't make strategic alliances with Librocons. You always get tricked. You never get their pot of gold. It's like trying to kick the football when someone named Lucy is holding it in place.

Jack, you don't have the moves to keep up with these guys, but they're a just product of the imagination--aren't they? You stand for real issues, and speak up for real people--you always have. If the capering fellow on the left decides to let go of his dance partner, let him wear it. Don't rush forward to help. They'll both just disappear in a puff of smoke--and so will you.

Let the two of them have it out. It's not your fight. Just keep standing up for what decent Canadians believe in.

The voters are tired of their empty promises. They never get near that pot of gold either. And by now they're sick of all the fiddles and jigs.

If the wee man on the right falls, go to the polls with a clear conscience, Jack, beholden to no one. Just tell the truth, and have no truck with these midnight doings.

Besides, you're orange. :)

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