Monday, September 07, 2009

Stand up for Canada!

Is Michael Ignatieff a Canadian? Or is he an American citizen who cannot legally be elected to a seat in the House of Commons? Does he hold one currently in defiance of Canadian law?

Where is his long-form birth certificate?

Nothing less than the integrity of our democracy is at stake here. I call on all Canadians, no matter what party you support, to demand that he bring forth the document in question.*

Why the reluctance, when it should be a simple matter to produce it and have it authenticated by Elections Canada?

Why the mystery? Why the cover-up?

What has the Liberal Party got to hide?

Millions of Canadians want answers. Stand up for Canada! Email Iggy today. Ask him: Are you a citizen? Then prove it!

*Long Form Birth Certificate

A Long Form Ontario Birth Certificate is a Certified Copy of the Birth Registration and contains the individual's name, date of birth, birthplace, sex, location of birth, parents’ names, parents’ date of birth, mother's mailing address at the time of birth, duration of the pregnancy, number of children born to this mother, parent's birthplace, weight of the child at birth, type of birth (single, multiple, etc.,), attendant at the birth, date of registration, registration number and the date issued.

You may need a Long Form Birth Certificate (Certified Copy) if for example:

  • You are moving to another country
  • You are an executor for a foreign estate
  • You are adopting a child abroad
  • You are filling out certain citizenship or immigration documents

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