Friday, October 24, 2008

CBC tweaks its journalistic "balance".

This morning on CBC's The Current, Richard Perle - war profiteer and some allege, war criminal - was the expert consulted by CBC guest host David Frum on the topic of U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama's suitability and competence in the matter of international affairs.

You can listen to that interview here. Click on 'Listen to Part One' to hear the the man Frum calls "most influential security policy expert in Washington" give his personal spin on why Obama is unsuitable for president and lacking in experience. The best thing that Perle can say about McCain is that he is a known quantity. Perle uses the word naïve over and over again in characterizing the actions that he presumes that Obama would initiate as president and ominously suggests that U.S. credibility and status would be damaged.
One does wonders if the choice of Frum and his carte-blanche selection of appropriate experts is a sop to those critics of the CBC who got their underwear in a furious knot about Heather Mallick's opinion column on Sarah Palin.

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