Friday, October 10, 2008

Breaking news: speech war downgraded to scuffle

First the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Then the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Now the BCHRT. It's a hat-trick, and the game's over, warriors. You can come out of the jungle now.

A masochist says to a sadist: "Beat me! Please!"

"No," says the sadist. "Suffer!"

And just so, the mob of sadistic kangaroo
s at the BC Human Rights Tribunal have failed to deliver the sweet lash of tyranny. They refused to hop all over our basic rights and freedoms with their big hind feet. The wretches offering themselves in their spiffy homespun bondage outfits have been left sweaty, gasping and unfulfilled. The 'roos did just what the speech-warriors feared. Bastards!

And what of the other animals? The small dead ones. The silly gibbering ones.

Will they recant their raving paranoid fantasies of jackboots, jihad and police-statism?

Will they take back their stupid, vulgar comments about the BC Human Rights Tribunal members? Will they rub their eyes, like morning-after victims of too much partying, and have the grace to apologize for their boorish behaviour?

Well, will they?

Fat chance.

What a sad, snivelling, contemptible sneak of inept, foolish, uncivil, shrieky, posturing, intellectually bankrupt, lying weasels.

What's next for them now? Bankrolling the CIC to get the decision reversed on review?

Fate can be so darned unkind sometimes. Here's the most expectant, hopeful crowd of pain-craving martyr-wannabes ever assembled. And not a crucifix, pit, pendulum, dungeon, rack, whip, or wheel in sight. Nary a thumbscrew, not so much as a used nipple-clamp. Not a single jackbooted, leering BCHRT leather-boy to be seen. Just a few puzzled or contemptuous ordinary folks shopping or mowing their lawns or heading to work. OMG, what to do? Break out the blank signs, people! Keep the cause alive! Hope for the worst!

Or do for yourself what The State refused to do:

Ah, that's better. For everyone concerned, I might add.

UPDATE: (October 11) "
What's next for them now? Bankrolling the CIC to get the decision reversed on review?" Holy crap! I wasn't being serious, Mark.

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