Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Banality of evil--Canadian style

The Iacobucci greywash is out--our bureaucrats were only following orders.

Canadian citizens were tortured--but those bureaucrats were only "indirectly" responsible. Meaning that they did not, personally, whip our citizens with cables.

I found no evidence that any of these officials were seeking to do anything other than carry out conscientiously the duties and responsibilities of the institutions of which they were a part. It is neither necessary nor appropriate that I make findings concerning the actions of any individual Canadian official, and I have not done so

said Iacobucci. This is best read with a Colonel Klinck accent. And this:

The public safety minister [Stockwell Day] said he has met with the heads of the RCMP, CSIS and other government departments and is confident that previous "gaps" in procedures have been closed.

What do we need to give closure to the victims of our "intelligence" agencies? A new Nuremberg Tribunal?
[Note: The apposite term "greywash" appears to have been coined by the Galloping Beaver and Creekside's Alison, who posted on this matter earlier. --DD]

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