Friday, June 25, 2010

Today's G8/20 security theatre buzz

Today's G8/20 security theatre buzz was a story about a guy being busted for driving around looking distracted with guy stuff in his car - a chainsaw, gas cans, water jugs, a lot of tools, baseball bat, a crossbow, a scruffy white dog, and blankets. Hazmat team in action above looks through this stuff as the guy sits on the curb in handcuffs.

This afternoon's G&M headline :

"Police arrest man with arsenal of weapons near G20 zone"

has turned into Greg Weston's header tonight : 'Perfect gentleman' likely off his meds: Father

"He had tears in his eyes, and looked clearly distraught. There was no hint of anger or aggression.

“My dog,” he said plaintively to no one in particular. “Please someone do something with my dog."

Pop quiz. Which do you think would have been the more effective strategy here?

Option 1 : Ask him "What were you taking yesterday that you aren't taking today?"

Option 2 : Handcuff the guy and call in the hazmat team.

Remember - you have nearly a billion in security dollars to justify here. Take your time ... don't rush it ...

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