Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Ottawa Citizen: fair and balanced

 the FauxNews mode, that is. When you're piling on to accuse Libby Davies of political heresy, her side will not be permitted to see the light of day. Might disrupt the narrative. Cowards.

This is the lying rubbish the Citizen spewed:

Davies is saying that the Jewish state was illegitimate from the moment of birth -- that Israel is by definition an abomination, no matter the borders.

NDP leader Jack Layton needs to say publicly whether disgust for Jewish self-determination is official party policy.

And here is Libby's response to the Citizen's mendacity:

June 11, 2010
Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to your June 11 editorial which refers to a video of me recorded last Saturday, and posted online (Hater's, Ottawa Citizen, June 11, 2010).

My reference to the year 1948 as the beginning of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory was a serious and completely inadvertent error; I apologize for this and regret any confusion it has caused.

I have always supported a two-state solution to the on-going Israeli-Palestinian conflict and have never questioned Israel's right to exist and the Palestinian’s right to a viable state.

New Democrats have long called for a peaceful, negotiated end to the conflict where Israelis and Palestinians can live side by side with secure borders. This is a policy I fully support.

I reject the allegation that I hate Israel, and I reject the assertion that I said that Israel is illegitimate or an abomination. Neither are true.

Libby Davies
MP Vancouver East

But, as noted, you won't be permitted to read this in the Citizen. There's an auto-da-fé goin' on, and the editors aren't about to allow anyone to rain on their bonfire.

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