Saturday, June 05, 2010

There's a little bit of Israel all of us.



Marky Mark said...

I'll put it another way. Could it be that much of the opposition in the Muslim and Arab worlds is founded in some sort of notion that the existence of Israel within any borders as a Jewish State, within an ocean of an Arab and Muslim countries, is unacceptable and infuriating on religious, nationalistic and cultural grounds. The western Left most certainly talks a different language that we all understand and agree with around oppression, imperialism, etc.--but is THAT the reason there is conflict? Orare thereother, darker, phenomena that can't be dealt with no matter what compromises are struck? Because that certainly could explain why some people are so passionate about what Israel does when they couldn't give a damn when some other state or non-state actor does something a thousand times more disturbing. The leftist critique is grouded in: "but you're supposed to be a liberal democracy, so how can you behave that way", which I totally get, but that is NOT where Israel's enemies are coming from. What that means is that in the context of a fight to the death conflict, the Left demands that Israel behave like Mother Theresa and allows its adversaries to behave like opposite.

beluga2 said...