Tuesday, November 11, 2008


More sick misogyny from the boyz at Dust My Broom--and what at least some conservatives, in an unguarded moment, really think of free expression:

That Marine is giving the young lady what she should have gotten when she was a child so she wouldn't grow up to be a leftard and picket in front of a Marine Recruiting station with a peace sign. Obviously you don't know any Marines. Trust me the Marines I served with and under would do that in a heart beat - especially the crusty old TOP's (Master Sgt's) and not think anything of it...

Besides there isn't a Marine who would respect a leftard like this young lady or treat her like a lady. She, in this cartoon is being treated the way all peaceniks should be treated. Don't get the honor and respect we give those ladies of society that deserve it confused with what a Marine will do to those who don't respect our country or our Corps.

Great way to observe Remembrance Day, eh?

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