Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sore Thumb Chronicles, Day Three: policy resolutions, quick tally

Just so you all know just what happened here this afternoon. A longer post will follow.

Resolutions can be found here.
NB: The content of the resolutions below is as worded in the Convention document. The descriptions do not always accurately convey the actual substance of the resolutions.

P-106 (healthcare) Defeated.
P-110 (at-risk workers) Carried.
P-113 (dangerous offender status) Carried.
P-114 (faint-hope clause) Carried.
P-119 (human trafficking) Carried.
P-202 (affirm Charter) Carried.
P-203 (Human Rights Commission jurisdiction) Carried.
P-207 (protecting pregnant women) Carried.
P-213 (women) Carried.
P-218 (diversity principles) Carried.
P-222 (temporary workers) Carried.
P-223 (program coordination and outcome audits) Carried.
P-301 (new securities regulator) Carried.
P-303 (capital gains) Carried.
P-305 (income splitting) Carried.
P-306 (Tax Code simplification) Carried.
P-308 (striking workers) Carried.
P-321 (agricultural trade agreements) Carried.
P-101 (climate change in the North) Carried.
P-104 (energy from garbage) Carried.
P-105 (offshore oil and gas development) Carried.
P-111 (complementary health) Defeated.
P-122 (veterans principles) Carried.
P-205 (advancing arctic sovereignty) Carried.
P-208 (student loans) Defeated.
P-209 (EI for summer students) Defeated.
P-307 (innovation) Defeated.
P-311 (invest in arctic research) Carried.
P-312 (long-term energy framework) Carried.
P-316 (rural family businesses)

Now I need to take a deep breath and count to ten. Back soon.

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