Saturday, September 04, 2010

The unvarnished bigotry of the Right

Check out the hed for this post by Half-Pint of Bitter. A summer camp was vandalized, which, unfortunately, is not particularly unusual. Vandalism is something that kids do, and, on occasion, a few politically ergotized adults. But, see, there was something
special about this act: the miscreant kids, ages eight to ten, were Indians.

"Your tax dollars at play," is the unaccountably vague first sentence. (What on earth does this mean? Suggestions welcome.) And then, garishly highlighted: the children are from the neighbouring Wahpeton Dakota First Nation.

The link is to a very short story in the National Post. Here's a longer account. What we learn is that the children and their parents promptly accepted responsibility for the damage; and a group of members of the Wahpeton Dakota First Nation came over to apologize and help clean up the mess.

"How Canadian," was my first thought.

"Savages," says Kathy Shaidle.

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