Thursday, September 09, 2010

These People Are Evil, Psychotic Pigs.

And each of those words is carefully considered.

They are evil. They are mourning because an act of deliberate and considered hatred, intended to enrage and inflame and described as such by its source, has been aborted in the face of shocked horror by decent people of every political stripe and religion. They're disappointed.
Shame on you all who are opposing and criticising the burning of korans by the Florida pastor. Am I the only person who is rooting for this mad hatter of a pastor in Florida to continue with his good work? I don't care if he is off his rocker and as hateful as the islamists.... I just want him to do it. Go for it Pastor Jones. Hip Hip Hoorah !!!!!!!!!!!
They're psychotic. Read this quote and tell me this is not a sociopath speaking.
The Florida pastor - whose name I cannot be bothered to remember, but his church is called Dove World - could have come out and said “Let’s burn Muslims on 9/11!” And while I would have been 100% behind him on that, the constitution doesn’t allow for it. Pity.
And they are pigs - something less than human in their contempt for reason, truth, or the so-called Christian virtues they claim to espouse.
Yawn....They've Been Burning Korans On YouTube For Years Now.
This is news only to our media & politicians. Enough already with the surrender monkeys who have made a mountain out of a pile mohammed's burnt musings. The selective outrage & self righteous preening is a bit much to take.
There. I've got it out of my system. Thanks.

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