Sunday, September 26, 2010

The mind of a Blogging Tory

A Canadian man, falsely accused of being a suicide bomber, has been released by the Swedish authorities without charge, and police are now looking into a probable hoax.

But human breeding champion and Blogging Tories moderator Craig "torture is a conservative value" Smith, aka "ferrethouse," has drawn some conclusions, aided by not a little free association. Our fellow citizen, you see, was of Pakistani origin, and the Ferret is here to "preserve Judeo-Christian values in Canadian society." I trust we no longer need our secret decoder rings to figure out that kind of thing.

As Canadian Cynic used to say: "Stephen Taylor must be so proud."

[H/t CC-in-exile]


ferrethouse said...

Ah - you are right. Islam has been vindicated. It is in fact the religion of peace. Good thing you folks are such staunch defenders of such a regressive religion. Nice of you to put your values aside for the sake of votes.

Jymn said...

I'd put the quotes aroung 'Canadian'. He resembles no Canadian I know.