Monday, September 06, 2010

Monday metaconspiracy

"Conspiracy theories make the world seem a lot more rational." --Robert Robins

Conspiracy theories, we are told, should be dismissed out of hand. They're closed delusional systems, so runs the conventional wisdom: self-proving and self-sustaining. Too many people are involved in the supposed conspiracies for them to be credible. Loose lips would have sunk those boatloads of conspirators long before their nefarious plans were ever consummated.

From among the ranks of the literally thousands of people involved actively or passively in the alleged 9/11 fraud, the Great Obama Birth Certificate cover-up, or Zio-lizard enslavement plans, surely someone would have blown the gaff, given the game away, published a book and become very rich, etc.

Agreed. But why has no one ever suspected, let alone realized, that there is a real conspiracy going on, right under our very noses--or, more accurately, a metaconspiracy?

DawgNews has learned, after months of frisky and painstaking research, that
a loose global network of conspiracy theorists themselves are engaged in a plot whose purpose is not yet entirely clear. We can determine their links, if not as yet their aims. But that alone should make us very, very afraid.

US President Barack Hussein Obama is the current decoy of the metaconspiracy. Wayne Madsen, meet Nick Packwood. Nick, meet Henry Makow, a man so intrepid that even David Ickes, no slouch in the conspiracy game, has written: "Henry Makow ventures where most fear to go!"

But of course they've already met.

We might handily dismiss the cockeyed notion that gay, Kenyan-born Obama, who had three fathers (all of them Muslim), the
Antichrist himself, was propelled into office by wealthy conspirators as a Manchurian candidate. But that's missing the whole point.

The metaconspirators are in fact deliberately filling our heads with easily debunkable "conspiracies." Don't be put off by their apparent differences, either. Was Bush gay too (not that there's anything wrong with that)? Is the Pope a Catholic? None of this matters--all that talespinning is just to throw us off the scent. While we're chasing after the Illuminati and the Elders of Zion, the metaconspirators, having sown those false trails with sufficient breadcrumbs to lure the gullible, are free to pursue their own dark ends unmolested and undetected.

Until now.

Readers, DawgNews will not give up, will not be intimidated, will not falter, until the truth is laid bare. To the question, What is their plan?
, we shall provide the answers in due course. Be patient. And to the Enemy: you can discredit me, you can threaten me, you can ruin me, you can even try to kill me. But the truth is out there. And soon it will make us free.

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