Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rideau Hall strikes a blow

Conrad Black, convict. Gave up his Canadian citizenship. Plundered a newspaper empire. Rich.

Keeps his Order of Canada.

Steve Fonyo, convict. Proud Canadian. Raised $13 million for charity. Poor.

Stripped of his medal.

Nice to see the Governor-General keeping the lower orders in their place. But to avoid future unpleasantness, why not just institute a property qualification for the OoC?

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'berto said...

Fonyo's not 1/100th of the embarrassment that Stephen Harper, that Blight on Democracy, is.

Ferkrissake, how did this woman GET this job?! Even for a largely ceremonial position, she is a big, fat FAILURE.

'waaaaaaaaay past time to dump this person, AND this position/office. It's an anachronism, and IT'S becoming an embarrassment, 'specially with the type of trained seals we're getting to fill it nowadays.