Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dalton McGuinty's immoral government

Should the wrongfully convicted be compensated if there is no clear incompetence or malfeasance by the police or by the Crown? An ordinary Canadian's sense of justice cries aloud for matters to be put right. We are accustomed to paying for our mistakes, no matter what the reasons are for making them.

But the Liberal government of Ontario thinks otherwise. It has already stonewalled a call for a public inquiry into the wrongful conviction of Robert Baltovitch. Now the Attorney-General shrugs and says,
"Too bad, so sad."

Time for lawsuits, methinks. And thanks a lot, Dalton--I'll likely end up paying substantially more provincial taxes at the end of all this because your Attorney-General lacks a sense of decency and fairness.

More important, however, two wrongfully convicted people will receive no justice from the Ontario government. Remind me--Liberals are different from, exactly?

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