Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just a data point on root canals!

Shortly into the new year, I felt some funny pains in my jaw. A couple of emergency trips to my very excellent dentist shortly revealed that I needed a root canal! I was scheduled for one very quickly, but that was enough for me to hear every story about bad root canals that you ever could (top prize goes to my daughter's flute teacher).

Now I could be the exception, but I have to say that my experience was nothing but good! The only negative was that the procedure took a little longer than scheduled. However during it I felt little to no pain at all - far less than any other dental procedure I have had (including cleanings). After, my dentist gave me a prescription for pain killers that are rated for moderate to severe postoperative pain but I never bothered to get it filled. I did take two Tylenol that night, but that was all.

There were a couple of factors that might have helped my case. First, my dentist is really very good. Second, I was put on antibiotics right away and from what I have read and the stories I have heard, this is actually critical. The more the infection can be brought under control, the more effective the freezing will be.

Anyway, with all the bad stories I heard before my root canal (and some of the stories really do make me shudder) I thought I would relate my very positive experience. If you ever need a root canal I hope your experience is as good as mine.

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