Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Code Blue!

Help resuscitate Canadian democracy on Saturday. Join the cross-country rally closest to you.

A few wise tips from a No-Proguer:

* Stay peaceful. There is no reason not to be peaceful. As a matter of fact any violence will destroy the legitimate message.

* Keep the message simple and factual. We are against the Prime Minister abusing their powers to avoid legitimate questioning. We want our MP’s to actually be doing their job.

* Don’t BS the public. We know what is wrong. Don’t push the message too far. Stick to the simple points.

* Have fun. Your simple presence proves the point. Enjoy it, and you will get your point across.

And if I might add something: watch the contents of your signs, folks. And spell your messages correctly!

For those of you in the National Capital Region, see you on the Hill. And let's have a beer or three at D'arcy's afterwards.

1 comment:

Gordo said...

I find it pretty horrifying to see how many messages are either ruined or harmed by simple spelling mistakes. It's really hard to take someone seriously when they obviously don't understand the basics of apostrophes and wind up sprinkling their prose with them like salt at Thanksgiving dinner.