Monday, January 18, 2010

Googlegate debunked?

We've all heard the meme by now: type "Christianity is" into Google, and you get a raft of possibilities from Google Suggest. Ditto for "Judaism is" and "Christianity is" and "Buddhism is."

But nothing for "Islam is."

Case closed, right? Google dhimmitude established for all time? Now even the Globe & Mail has bought into this, not to mention the Usual Suspects. (Go look for yourselves: the wingnuts are even now howling in the twilight.)

My libertarian friend Mike Brock thought he'd check this out. He tried a few more entries.

"Europeans are" -- scores of links. "Americans are" -- no links.

"Mormons are" -- links aplenty. "Jews are" -- nada.

Hmmm. Then one of Mike's readers asked us to try "Obama is."

Whew. If there's a liberal conspiracy going on at "Don't Be Evil" headquarters, the Learned Elders of Google obviously missed that one.

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