Monday, November 30, 2009

Scratch a Speech Warrior™...

...and you'll find a certain, ah,

Freedom of religion? If you're a raging homophobic pastor or a neo-Nazi quoting Scripture, the Warrior
s™ will go to the wall on behalf of principle. Hell, they'll even raise funds for you.

Muslim? Not so much.

If you want to cast a clinical eye on double standards made flesh, wander over to Jay Currie's place, and don't forget to read the comments by the Usual Suspects.

While the world watches a direct assault on religious freedom in Switzerland, prompted by the neo-fascist
Schweizerische Volkspartei, the Speech Warriors™ are celebrating. Yup, the Moozlums have been given another black eye, and that's all that really counts, now, isn't it?

The SVP showed its true colours back in 2007, when it introduced a proposed law based upon the Nazi concept of
Sippenhaftung, or "kin guilt." If persons from another country commit crimes, says the SVP, and they are under eighteen, they should be deported--and their entire families as well.

Enjoy their company, Speech Warriors™. Party on.

Strenuously jamming their alleged principles into an oubliette is an exercise that apparently causes blindness, as well. The poster reproduced above--one eventually banned by the Swiss authorities for obvious reasons--hardly needs comment. But shorter Currie: "
Racist? Hell, no. It's just like calling someone the blacksheep of the family."

What an obscene public display of naked hypocrisy. Barely safe for work.

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