Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The face of American fascism

Law and order, American style.

A nine-months-pregnant Hispanic woman was arrested in Arizona by deputies of neo-Nazi sympathizer Sheriff Joe Arpaiao, about whom I've blogged before.

Under Sheriff Joe's watch, as I noted then, unspeakable brutality and violence have been the order of the day, from breaking the neck of a paraplegic to strangling a mental patient to deliberately burning a family's puppy alive.

The arrested woman went into labour, and the pigs (there is simply no other word that fits, although this does scant justice to the actual species), who had shackled her arms and legs, refused to remove the shackles during childbirth. When the baby was born, they refused to allow her to hold it. She was then informed that, if no one came to pick up her baby, it would be seized by the state.

Arpaio is wildly popular with the grubs who inhabit Arizona: the sadistic goon appears slated to become the next Governor of the state.

[H/t Creative Revolution]

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