Sunday, November 15, 2009

The unbearable lightness of Sarah Palin, Ch. 423

The person who can see Russia from her house (well, not really) has published a Palindrone--equally non-compelling, apparently, read backwards or forwards. Fresh from her disastrous intervention in New York, she's on an honest-to-goodness book tour at the moment, doubling as an early campaign launch for 2012.

The way things are going, she ought to have her nomination in the bag. The next GOP Convention might well be held in a telephone booth, as the wingnuts steadily pare away the conservatively impure. At this point only 17% of Americans identify as Republican (scroll to p.24). Even traditional family man Newt Gingrich is a RINO now.

Given Palin's inability to master basic English, I'd suggest that belief in ghosts is entirely warranted, at least insofar as the authorship of her book is concerned. After all, she herself believes in a big One. But in any case she has evidently "gone rogue" with the facts, those pesky things with a left-wing bias.

Sarah, then, is offering what turns out to be a crowd-pleasing work of fiction. I'll get to it, I promise, just as soon as I've perused Carrie Prejean's provocatively-titled "Still Standing." Or maybe, in the latter case, I should just wait for the movie?

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