Thursday, November 12, 2009

The nutty professor

Well, retired professor, actually--one Edwina Taborsky, about whom I've written before.

Normally I tend to ignore her tedious rants over at
Small Dead Animals. But this was simply too ripe to let pass. I have booby-trapped it with exploding links for what a regular contributor to SDA might call your "delectation."

But the analogy between radical Islam and Nazism is strong. Both are farleft, socialist and 'cleansing' agendas, devoted to a monolithic and essentially theocratic notion of the political and social structure.

Both are openly violent, both express this devotion to violence as an inherent part of the ideology. And both focus this violence on 'Others', i.e., any who are not members of the tribe, so to speak. Both see this agenda in a military idiom, seeing their actions as a 'just war' against evil.

Both opt for a homogeneity of the population, with no individualism allowed. Both are primarily emotional constructs, requiring and operating within deep emotional and adrenalin-inducing near-hysteric bondings.

Readers are invited to contribute links of their own.

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