Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ottawa transit strike: Day 34

Shorter ATU 279: The scheduling issue is the bone of contention. It's complex, and we'd like to address City Council to make the councillors fully aware of what it's all about.

Shorter City of Ottawa: Unfair!

No end in sight as yet. Small wonder.

UPDATE: ZeroMeansZero points out that the City's hypocrisy is on full display here:

Seems its perfectly okay for Alain "where's the mirror, where's the mirror" Mercier to phone union members at home to attempt to explain the city's offer to each member individually - yet heaven forbid the union attempt to explain the scheduling issue to our city councillors. Hmmm ...

UPPERDATE: My city councillor, Clive Doucet, redeems himself.

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