Saturday, January 31, 2009


Back in September, I asked this legitimate question: Could this whole business be a cruel confidence job?

One of the comments in response was:
"Well sir, you should read the judges decision - NOTHING in there about me setting them up.In FACT the judge said MOST of what I said was CORROBORATED by intercepts anyway and concluded the evidence was OVERWHELMING. As to your claim that I sold the clip to NEFA --- many of your words have had to be eaten already?An ELATED and VALIDATED Shaikh."
purported signed by himself.

Today the same
Alison@Creekside posted this at The Galloping Beaver:
Mubin Shaikh on Friday:
"I thought that if the RCMP didn't tell me I couldn't do it, I inferred that I could do it," Mr. Shaikh testified.Lawyers for Canada's first underage convicted terrorist argued in court Friday that without Mubin Shaikh, assigned by CSIS and paid by the RCMP, there would have been no terrorist conspiracy at all.
Go read the whole blogpost.

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