Sunday, January 11, 2009

A blogger takes refuge

We all know about the blogsites where comments are not permitted: generally the hateful and the pompous enjoy taking their shots, and often wander around depositing their views in other people's comboxes as well, but they can't abide the notion of disagreement. It offends them.

Now our good friend shlemazl, that indefatigable propagandist who likes to invade progressive comboxes with shrieky cries of outrage when Israel is criticized, and who denounces bloggers as racists from the safety of his own site, has taken things a step further.

See for yourself.
Maybe one of this blogo-fugitive's circle of invitees could let us know what he's saying about us. Good grief.

More proof, if more proof were needed at this point, that the "Israel can do no wrong" crowd has simply run out of arguments. "Run," of course, being the operative word.


UPDATE: (January 12) Shlemazl announces that the "closure is temporary."

UPPERDATE: (January 13)
The "See for yourself" link above is no longer to an "invitees only" page. Shlemazl is now open for business.

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