Tuesday, April 20, 2010


No one looking into the eyes of the would-be politician on the right could seriously claim that she isn't a person.

Still not permitted in some parks, forced off furniture and out of restaurants, made to wear a slave collar and leash outside the home, and now denied the right to be a candidate for municipal office, Genny's treatment has become an international disgrace.

The curt dismissal of her candidacy by municipal clerk Patti Barri
is just the latest injustice in a region plagued with discrimination. No doubt Genny's colour and gender played their roles as well. I can't help but wonder: would Barri have been so quick to dismiss this up-and-coming young pol?

Genny's human companion, blogger Marven Whidden, deserves more than a friendly pat on the head and a biscuit for his ardent advocacy. We must stand with him and with her. At this shameful nadir in Canadian history, both need our unqualified support.

Break the species bar! If they're good enough to walk, dammit, they're good enough to run.

[H/t Marie-Ève]

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