Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stuck together with Krazy Glue

The judiciary in action when a cop drives drunk.

Const. Sheldon Hamm testified he could smell the strong odour of alcohol on Dunkle's breath.

He said he asked Dunkle about his drinking and the driver replied he had one drink. Hamm said when he asked him again, Dunkle said it was two drinks.

Hamm told court Dunkle was unable to pull his wallet out of his pocket on request, then he observed the accused having a problem walking and was unsteady on his feet, "swaying from side to side."


[P]rovincial court Judge Gerry LeGrandeur tossed out results of a breathalyzer stemming from a checkstop just before midnight on Jan. 17, 2009.

Following a voir dire, LeGrandeur said in his ruling the demand for a breathalyzer was not reasonable, because there was no indication of impairment such as glassy eyes or staggering.

And so the culture of police impunity continues.

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