Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Brown Woman.

Yesterday Dr Dawg had a short post about Sayon Camara's plight.

Today a Federal Court judge heard her lawyer's appeal and granted an emergency stay of deportation until she gives birth.

The news item also provides some insight into the minds of Jason Kenney, Lawrence Cannon, Vic Toews and the people who follow their direction.

It was alleged by immigration investigators that the marriage between Camara and her husband Abdoul Sow was a "sham". In which case, thousands of couples living in the Atlantic provinces would be shocked to discover which criteria was used to establish this determination of authenticity.
Sow and Camara said they fell in love and married in 2008. The same year, Sow lost his job and went to Alberta for nine months to look for work while Camara stayed in Montreal. The couple said Sow's absence has led immigration officials to believe their marriage is fraudulent.
What could one call this small victory?

A start.

More also at Radio Canada, here.

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