Monday, April 19, 2010

Free speech for thee..

...but not, apparently, for me:

Now the ARA and other friends of Richard Warman have moved into a new field of criminal activity, they are now into the witness intimidation racket. Marc Lemire is a witness in an ongoing case before the court and we are once again seeing the smear machine ramp up.

When Marc Lemire was being maliciously attacked by Richard Warman and the CHRC (an attack predicated by negative news about the CHRC being reported on Lemire's website) it was one thing for these thugs to be spending their days smearing him but that is no longer a case, now he is only a witness and these people are attacking one of our witnesses.

We will respond to this criminal activity. Some of these people will be eventually criminally charged for these openly criminal acts. We're taking names and documenting everything.

Justice is coming.

At which point I almost violated Dawg's Blawg's no-cussin' rule with a two-word apostrophe.

Let's get this straight, now: exercising my freedom of speech about the provable past of a Speech Warrior™ poster child is "intimidating a witness?"
My post is going to shut him up--how, exactly, given that all that information is already on the public record? Were Marc Lemire's precious feelings hurt? Did the li'l sweetums cower in fear when certain facts were yet again revealed?

Just bring it, you tiresome clucks. You've made this kind of empty threat before, and it doesn't work on me.

Better still, let Lemire do the Oscar Wilde thing, launch a lawsuit
and get his hindquarters seriously bitten. I'd be prepared to sell tickets for the discovery phase of that action.


Dr.Dawg said...

Peter, I enjoyed your contribution, I really did, but this in particular is a corker:

Meanwhile, communists (the other white meat of evil ideologies) have infiltrated the universities, the government, the media and the civil service. Half of them don't realize they are communists, but when you propose to regulate all action and thought in the name of Vladimir I. Lenin and Karl Marx, there's your first tip-off right there.

Unaware that they are communists, you can tell who they are, even if they can't, by their inadvertent blurts: "what is to be done?" or "a spectre is haunting Europe," or "shame on those who foment hatred towards the Jews."

Alternatively, why not just show them the Queen of Diamonds?

Cameron said...

OH that would be good times!

Shiner said...

Well the subject of your post didn't make you swear Doc, but if this nonsense doesn't do it I'll be most impressed.

Cameron said...

Broken for me as well, and I'm from the future.