Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Colombia: Liberal moral imbecility

Liberal Scott Brison is pushing his favourite dictator once again--Álvaro Uribe Vélez, president of the narco-state known as Colombia. With Liberal support, the Harper Conservatives will obtain parliamentary approval for a free trade agreement with a country that practises genocide against its native population, accounts for 70% of all the murders of trade unionists in the world (with multinational corporate complicity), and has displaced literally millions of poor Colombians to make way for wealthy developers.

That would be bad enough. But the revolting Brison has the face to take a swipe at the NDP, accusing it of purveying "mischief and misinformation" and calling it "hypocritical" for not being as vocal in its criticisms of the Venezuelan regime of Hugo Chávez.

Were Chávez and his government to commit genocide, murder labour activists, turn millions of people into internal refugees and block judicial investigation into paramilitary atrocities, as Brison's hero Uribe has done, this would, of course, be more than likely to happen. But until then, it's a bone-stupid, false moral equivalence--an alibi, in fact, to cover the bloody tracks of the Liberals and their Conservative allies as they proceed to give cover to one of the most murderous and lawless regimes on the planet.

And Blogger Alison at Creekside has already explained why.

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Charles said...

"Governments can protect the environment; it's just that business interests will only allow that insofar as it doesn't cut into profits. As soon as that happens, regulations get weakened in the interests of "fairness" and "practicality". "

You've made my point for me Todd.What you described will never change under the current system of government ownership of property.

"I'm sure a better time will come up to disabuse you about quaint notions concerning property rights."

You're more than welcome to try Todd.Just as long as we're clear,I have my opinions of quaint notions concerning collective rights ;)