Tuesday, March 30, 2010


More violent acts planned against innocent citizens.

Why is the Christian community not speaking out? Where are their leaders? Are there any moderate Christians?

Are any of us safe from these people?

Sure, they
preach peace and love.

But this is what they really stand for.

And by the way, you'll have to remove that hood if you want a Quebec driver's licence. Just so you know.

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forgot to buy tinfoil said...

At the risk of annoying you, toujoursdan, I'm going to ask that too.

More broadly, I'm going to ask why Christian moderates, who teach compassion, tolerance, kindness, charity, and humility, don't speakout against right-wing so-called "Christians" like Ann Coulter, who preach harshness and intolerance toward their perceived enemies, and for whom self-satisfied arrogance seems to be the paramount virtue. I'm not asking for a response to every incident, but can't you just stick your oar in once in a while to remindwould-be Christians what Christianiity is really about?

Am I being Quixotic?