Sunday, March 21, 2010

Homophobes and racists gather in Washington

That would be the delightful proto-fascist, spitting and hissing "Tea Party" mob, showing up to protest a bill that would give poor Americans access to medical care.
Nothing new there.

Needless to say, the Usual Suspects here at home are on-side. (Isn't that last commentary a keeper? Here's the Teabagger civility this conservative is lauding.)

UPDATE: More from reader Terrence Watson. As he says, it's a hard video to watch: Teabaggers mocking a man with Parkinson's disease.

[H/t Montreal Simon]


Jimmy Durante said...

I really, honestly believe that political comparisons are best made within the same state-level actor, because they don't make any historical or cultural sense otherwise. I also really, honestly believe that there is no great difference between the LPC or the CPC, as they are both centre-right parties, and that "centre-right" in Canada is "center-left" in the US and "right" in Europe.

Fascist corporatism = vertical syndicalist corporatism = Petainism after the corporatist reorganization of the economy, roughly. These systems of organization are generally right-authoritarian implementations of the same programs as bolshevism, the purpose being to provide an alternative to both liberalism (which in the 20s-30s many believed had failed) and communism (which during the same period many people feared). It's common ground that Vichy, Mussolini and the Nazis all attempted to conscript the putative working-class vigour unleashed by the 1917 revolution into staunchy nationalist/militarist popular revolutions that would provide equivalent social-welfare programs to what the Soviets claimed they did without nationalizing industry -- or not immediately, anyways. The objective was a society with proletarian values that lionized work, nationalism and blood, but which did not produce proletarian rule.

In a liberal democracy like the United States, I'm willing to describe a scheme whereby the state simultaneously regulates colossal corporate entities and provides taxpayer wealth to them such that they transfer a fragment of this wealth back to the citizens in the form of services while ensuring the complete unionization of the industry under regulation as an adapted form of this corporatism, as we have syndicalism, state control of the delivery of services and substantial vertical integration.

psa said...

hollywood is not a monolithic, singular entity you dishonest twit. there are as many opinions and points of view in that town and the industry it represents as there are in any other region or industry. and if the very worst of the left wing crack pots exemplify the left, then the same must work to the right. hence you freaks own a cadre of violently inclined, eliminationist maniacs, racists and xenophobes.

knygathin_zhaum said...

your in the sense of "votre", "euer", etc.