Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rights and Democracy: Board member's head explodes

One of the Braun Gang lets loose. One doesn't know whether to laugh out loud or weep at this warmed-over hackery, and its tone of shrill defensiveness. Paul Wells juxtaposes.

Marco Navarro-Génie is no disinterested observer, not that you'd imagine that for a moment reading his frothy little rant. He did his thesis work at the University of Calgary--under former Harper Chief of Staff Tom Flanagan.

It's not worth refuting his many inaccuracies and falsehoods. But this is typical:

The board of directors has made clear that there never was an ‘Israel issue' at Rights and Democracy. The only issue was the board's discovery that Canadian tax dollars were going to organizations whose leaders would not be allowed into Canada. Indeed, the government of Jordan would not give one of these recipients an exit visa.

Er, no Marco, that was Shawan Jabarin, who wanted to travel to the Netherlands to pick up a human rights award. He was denied an exit visa from the West Bank by the government of Israel. And if you're referring to Al-Haq, Al-Mezen and B'Tselem, the first has been funded by CIDA, and Foreign Affairs oversaw the Rights and Democracy grant to it. B'Tselem is an Israeli human rights organization, which, despite the bizarre calumnies of your Chair, is well-respected inside and outside Israel.

Go read. This is what's running Rights and Democracy at the moment. Good grief.

The three fired managers of Rights and Democracy, and the brave PSAC Local president Maxime Longangué and vice-president Micheline Levesque, were in front of the Parliamentary committee today, and Kady O'Malley has the details.

UPDATE: Paul Wells has more. A glimpse, from one perspective, of a year in the life of Rights and Democracy.


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