Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday amuse-gueules

A few more tidbits:

Evening preyers. Remember the saying about the fish and how it rots. Senior Roman Catholic Prelate Karl Juesten pledges to "get to the bottom of it." 'nuff said.

Shorter Randall Denley (and boy, is he not alone): Freedom of speech for A*n C*ulter! Punish the students who exercised theirs!

Former human rights advocate supports a state dress code for women.
(Aka "trolling for votes.")

The "watering of the girls." A fertility ritual? Ya think?

Weekend Free Speech Quiz: What do Winnie Mandela, William Ayers, George Galloway and Bobby Seale have in common? Bonus points: where was Seale scheduled to speak?

And last but not least, how a thread at even a reasonable conservative/libertarian site can go utterly off the rails when you try to teach history to apes.

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